The company organize employee collective travel

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On November 20, 2013 to December 7, 2013, to fully embody humanity care, open employees eyes, arouse the enthusiasm for innovation, further arouse the enthusiasm of work, and therefore, jingmen, chuda Mechanica & Electrical Co. ltd. since 2006, eight years in a row organize the staff collective tourism, widely praised by employees.

Collective travel this year a total of 124 employees, is divided into hainan, sanya, guilin, shaoshan, changsha and enshi 4 line, is divided into four batches, 18 days, the company gave each travel employee a certain amount of subsidies. Through collective tourism, make the employees both eye-opening, and broaden the train of thought, and strengthened the exchanges and friendship between each other. Safe, smooth and pleasant journey, received the expected effect.